Tarot for Missing Persons


When someone asks for a reading, it’s usually a general spread, a love spread, status of career, relationship reading or something of the sort. I have never been asked to do tarot on a missing person, but I have always been intrigued by crimes and mysteries. A friend shared a link with me about Forensic Tarot and Forensic Astrology. I am so fascinated, I haven’t put it down since.

Every day we practice with a different case, me doing tarot, him doing astrology. We give each other various cases; name of victim, age or birthday and where they were last seen. An intuitive trigger. We have been practicing with solved cases so we can go back, examine and test accuracy. For unsolved cases, we try to compare the information we got with the information that is out there. But not until our report is done, do we go check on the result. These runs and case studies are for the purposes of testing accuracy and exploring options, not to put blame or judgement on victims, suspects, etc. But for the purposes of solving a mystery, there are labels such as victims and suspect. And we have to look at the big picture, because there are things out there that people are capable/willing of doing, wether we would do it or not, or think it is right or wrong or not. I am also not God, and we cant just trust the information from media coverage either, there are things the media doesn’t know. And the media in general cannot be trusted fully. So I am working based off of little information. In this case of Relisha, I had prior information. But what happened to her and where is is today is still unknown.

Before given my first case, I was doing my own research, skimming through missing persons, watching psychics videos on missing persons, tarot blogs for the missing, and there actually is not too too much on it. I found an excellent blog by Empathy Insights though and have sourced the link in Sources & References post. Their analysis is so thorough and seems very genuine.

I came across an article about an 8 year old girl named Relisha Rudd. She went missing in Washington D.C. in February 2014, but it was not reported until March 1st. She was staying at the DC General Shelter with her mother and family. She was last seen walking into a hotel room with an older man, Kahlil Tatum. (I am unsure about camera footage of them leaving the hotel room). This man was the janitor at DC General Shelter, and also a friend to Relisha’s mother. Relisha’s mother would let her go shopping with him, go out and play, go to sleepovers, eat etc. without her mothers supervision. I came across this article https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Police-Searched-Tunnels-Under-DC-General-for-Missing-Child-Relisha-Rudd-503861801.html posted in January of 2019. The DC General Shelter is now being torn down, and there was a discovery of underground service tunnels, that they suspect the janitor might have had access to. Noting the danger and conditions of these tunnels, no update has been given yet.

There are theories of intent for sex trafficking, neglect or money. It’s said the mother was not complying with law enforcement either. She said Relisha was with her grandmother, then under the care of a “doctor”. In this video, Relisha’s grandmother said Kahlil said he was with Relisha in Atlanta, GA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa7JSqb8fAc

She didnt file a missing persons report because she trusted Kahlil. She did not want to take a lie detector test because “she owed no one anything, it was owed to her”, she said on Steve Wilkos and Im iffy about shows like that, but he does expose offenders allegedly. And she also did not want to blame her friend Kahlil the janitor, until there was some sort of proof. Kahlil, weeks later was accused of killing his wife, and was found dead a few weeks after that, from what they believe was suicide. https://www.cnn.com/2014/04/01/us/d-c-missing-girl/index.html


I was really hesitant to look at this in the cards, something said pick up the cards, I said no. But suddenly I just got up and got the cards. (I would not have drawn the same cards a few minutes before or after). I almost was not going to read on this, after all it was by my own will, not a case given to me to practice on. So I get my Cosmic Tarot cards and as I am shuffling the 5 of wands fell and so did the 8 of cups. I usually do not use cards that flip out of the deck, I usually shuffle, cut and draw. But I decided to use these, maybe this was from a force from with whom I was connecting with, Relisha.

Yes, there are so many interpretations of one symbol, so many are written, its scattered, which one can you trust? N could mean North, first letter of a name, a symbol etc. How can you trust a reader for something like this, with so many possible interpretations? Well, all are accounted for and written, why hold back any information? It might be useful, like I mentioned in my intro, that information is coming from somewhere. It might be bullshit, it might not be, it might be a distraction from the truth. Why? Because Relisha’s karmic lessons have to do with her and her bonds, not so much us.

But this case has been so publicly known, and opened back up every year, in hopes of more information. This could be a lesson for the public also. After Relisha’s disappearance, a new law was put in place for missing children. A disappearance must be reported within 24 hours for children 8 and under. But there is more purpose to Relisha’s story than just a change of law, hopefully, and that purpose is within her soul group.

My intention in the cards are to find an answer to the questions I am asking. But sometimes things makes more sense than others, like in this example of Relisha. When doing Caylee Anthony’s tarot cards, it was a little more cryptic. I will be talking about that soon.

So two questions are asked. 1- What happened to Relisha? 2- Where is she?


When doing these kind of practices, things to decipher are numbers, colors, landscape/location, symbolism, imagery, weapons or tools, feelings/emotions, people, astrology. Not all men represent all men, or women all women, it can be certain qualities, etc.

So here is what I got when looking at these cards for Relisha. What happened?- We see two men fighting. 5 of Wands for me typically means strife: conflict, disagreement etc. Was this a disagreement between two men? Relisha and the janitor? The janitor and the mother? Two different men or people fighting over her? Is this a fight between Kahlil and his wife? Maybe she saw inappropriate behavior towards Relisha? Our question was WHAT HAPPENED to Relisha. Some sort of battle, defense? Violence? A child cannot defend themselves against a grown adult. She knows him as her “Godfather”. This might be two other people. This card is also pink (I relate pink to red- root chakra- can also be heart chakra) We know she was wearing pink shoes. This card shows action; it is not static, it depicts moving, tense energy. Root chakra is about survival, reproduction, creative energy, and earth element, and also correlates to SATURN. Saturn is about “I ACHIEVE” is someone trying to achieve danger or fighting with Relisha? Is someone trying to achieve to cover something up? *Astrologer friends chime in here*.

5= rules and laws, change. A change in her course. Going against the law? Fighting the law? If she was being abused, this can make sense with the 5 referring to the law. Or just generally this situation having to do with law enforcement. 5 indicates mid cycle- was this planned? was this already happening?

Wands = Fire element, SOUTH direction. We see wands being used here as weapons, both are holding all they can, one in each hand, and one left on the ground. Maybe these two fighters have things to use against eachother, lies, secrets, sickness. Kahlil did have prior offenses.

So what happened- looks like a fight or danger, or tension, or rapid movement. Fighting over something or fighting over Relisha. What comes next was most interesting to me and it is a mere prediction, nothing certain.

Next we have the 8 of cups for WHERE IS SHE?

8=intellect, progress, priorities (when we think about higher, greater purpose within her soul bond, this could be progress for her souls journey, the mother is also involved here and a lesson is taught. She was also 8 years old when she went missing. Where is she? Still at 8 years old, meaning she passed shortly after being abducted? I hope not. The card is green emphasizing heart chakra- love, compassion, understanding, air element and bird symbolism. Maybe she is in a place of love. Maybe she is somewhere unable to get away from that situation. But the 8, as her age, can possibly confirm otherwise..

Cups= WEST. We also see water in the cards. This man is sitting by rocks rather disappointed. This card typically means disappointment in moving away from something, or its hard to move on. But for this card, im picking up on clues such as the water and the abandoned ship in the back. My first thought was navy yard.

Locations we know of, DC General Shelter and a hotel they were seen at in PG County. I kept thinking about the navy yard. I kept thinking about SOUTH (wands) WEST (cups) also. So I decided to find DC General on the map. Southwest from the shelter, is a navy yard, also the Southwest waterfront.


I got chills when I realized this. Is there a clue there by the navy yard? Is that where she is? Is that where she last was that we dont know of? I hope in the search for Relisha, not just the service tunnels are searched, but also surrounding areas.

I usually leave it at those two cards, but I wanted a little more. I asked Relisha to give me one more clue. I drew the 6 of cups.


6 of cups typically means pleasure from the past, past energy, children, karma, soul bonds. cups= emotions, love, connection and WEST direction. 6 also symbolizes harmony and success. By seeing this card pleasure from the past, it triggered something inside me that Relisha is at peace, this is in the past for her and there was a karmic lesson from it. This card is blue= throat chakra which emphasizes free will, independent decision, responsiveness, choices and obedience to higher will. It emphasizes past life energy and thyroid also. (Listing all notes, not all are relevant such as body parts, animals or element to the case, but relevant to the chakra). We see two people here, possibly in a (karmic) relationship. Karma has something to do here with this case. Karma between Relisha and her mother? Her mother and Kahlil? Kahlil and his wife? Relisha and Kahlil?

One last question I asked was who did this? In a case of a solved mystery but “unresolved” verdict so to speak, I will ask who did this instead of where are they.

For who did this I drew the 9 of pentacles.

I heard ‘mom’. This card has 9 pentacles pointing to the womans stomach, 9 months of term, towards stomach, pregnancy, mother etc. Red also= root chakra= reproduction. Someone elses mother? The janitors wife? A lot of speculation.. This card also means slow growth, culmination. The woman is also holding a key. Now I shouldn’t immedietly think mother, even if I heard it, but I keep it in consideration. Janitors have keys, many keys. Was she involved with the janitor? Does she hold some key? Does she know? We see a rather luxurious situation in this card, and looking away from the outdoors. Pentacles also mean money. Was money involved? A service or trade? This is the only card also with food in it (other than grapes and wine in the 4 of cups from the Cosmic Tarot). If we think about the possibility of sex trafficking- 8 of cups makes sense that she cannot escape that disappointing situation. And maybe the 5 of wands has to do with her fighting against this. This thought makes me sick..

I would never think a mother would do that to her child, but like I said before, people do things we personally might not even think about. And when one is suffering from addiction (that we know from the media her mother was suffering from) and/or untreated mental illness, it can be possible one cannot think clearly.

This post will be updated with more cases, and hopefully we get an update on Relisha.

Tomorrow marks a little over 5 years of her disappearance.

Stay strong little one.



Have you ever tried Tarot for Missing Persons? How do you feel about tarot for things like this? Let me know what you think of this post in the comments below.

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